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Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'm Back!

In case anyone is still checking this site.... I'm back! There is no good reason I have not been blogging. Just chalk it up to prioritizing, and blogging was low on the list.

I was encouraged to blog again today by J. Stahl after I told him about a little opportunity I have for the summer. He said I had to blog about it. Then again, maybe it was just funny to us at the time, like one of those "had to be there" kinds of things.

The situation is this: I might have an opportunity to intern at a PR agency over the summer. Yes, I said "intern." Here I am helping students find internships, and I just may be vying for one, too. That is where we went off into silliness.

"Sure, student Suzie, let me mail your resume in for you. I'll save you the postage." Then Ann goes for 3 points in the round file as soon as Suzie leaves.

"I'd love to look over your resume, student Johnny. Let's see. No, you really don't want to mention your 4.0 GPA or they'll think you're too academic. Oh, and see here? Don't mention your previous experience because they'll want to train you themselves," Ann smiles smugly.

"Welcome to the firm, Ann. You look familiar. Weren't you my public speaking teacher 3 years ago?" Ann's new boss smiles smugly.

The reality is that I've reconnected with a former mentor who is now principal of a PR firm. I've done corporate and non-profit PR, but a summer stint in an agency would give me a different perspective to share with my students. Besides, I know if I tell them one more East Ohio Gas story that they'll all run out of the classroom with spinning heads.

So, I'm applying to be an "educator in residence." Basically, an intern with credentials. I probably shouldn't have blogged about this just in case I lose the spot to a student half my age named Suzie or Johnny. But then again, that story may make a much funnier blog than this one.

There go any illusions I had of returning to blogging with something really profound!


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