My multiple personalities are all named Grace. I aspire to be like Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco, regal and respected. But most days I am more like Gracie Allen, the comedienne wife of George Burns. Her greatest strength was playing the ditz, a role I relish. And days that I pull on my black leather chaps and wrap my arms 'round my husband to cruise on the Harley, I feel like Grace Slick, female rocker and all around bad-mamma-jamma.

Monday, February 05, 2007

So last weekend I attended a play with a few colleagues and students. Great fun with them and a thought-provoking play. I can't possibly explain it as well as Andrew did, so check out his most recent blog.

So my friend Amy's blog has these really funny photos of life in Egypt. They are 100% real. Maybe they are so funny to me because I once visited there, but I think everyone should look at her blog to see them.


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