My multiple personalities are all named Grace. I aspire to be like Grace Kelly the Princess of Monaco, regal and respected. But most days I am more like Gracie Allen, the comedienne wife of George Burns. Her greatest strength was playing the ditz, a role I relish. And days that I pull on my black leather chaps and wrap my arms 'round my husband to cruise on the Harley, I feel like Grace Slick, female rocker and all around bad-mamma-jamma.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Talking to myself and feelin' old.
Sometimes I'd like to quit.
Nothing ever seems to fit.
Hanging around.
Nothing to do but frown.
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down.

I've just listened to Karen Carpenter sing that about 7 times. I just kept hitting replay. Why did I do that? I had a great day and now I have the blues. Sure, music and memory are powerful, but why did I indulge that side and marinate in it?

How can students half my age make a CD with unrelated music that turns out to be all of my all-time favorites? Yeah, Phill. This CD is a perfect blend of upbeat and melancholy, a gift from my students at our year-end party.

I guess that's the reason for my conflicted emotions... the end of another school year. I've given my last exam and just have to turn in grades. I already hosted a party for the Forensics team and now this week I'm having the Public Relations students over. The end of the year is at once liberating and melancholy-producing. Students feel that tension between competing and contrary emotions, but I'd bet most teachers do, too. At least this one does.

So while I've written this, Karen started singing "We've Only Just Begun." I'm not making that up for effect. That was seriously the next song. Seems appropriate. I've slid out of the marinade, but it is still rainy.